Korie Custer

Korie Custer, Office Manager

Office Manager

Time in Practice: 21 years

Korie worked very closely with Dr. Tedd Hamaker at Springfield Veterinary Hospital for 15 years before helping him move to the newly built Galloway Village Veterinary in 2008. Korie has played a roll in all areas of the clinic over the years, but for the past 5 :V2 years she has been a Receptionist and now the Office Manager for Dr. Jaime Kurucz. "I feel privileged to be able to help wherever needed." We all pride ourselves in carrying on Dr. Hamakers dream of Galloway Village Veterinary and believe that Dr. Kurucz helps to continue to "Practice Excellence" in his honor. Korie still enjoys eing a famil ar face to returning clients and their pets, and looks forward to meeting new people and their four-legged families. 

During her time away from the clinic, Korie enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband, Jeremy, are very proud of their 15 soon to be 16-year-old son, Devin. Korie for years has enjoyed being a part of Devin's year-round baseball teams and prides herself on not missing any of his games. She also enjoys camping, floating and doing anything outdoors.

Korie's furry family includes 2 cats: Junior and Sunshine.


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