Dr. Kurucz's 10 Year Anniversary

  • Mar 5, 2021

Happy 10 Years to Dr. Jaime Kurucz!

On March 5, 2011, Dr. Kurucz became the new owner of Galloway Village Veterinary. This year marks the 10 Year Anniversary and we couldn't be more thrilled about where we have come over the years. Thanks to our hardworking staff and loyal clients, our veterinary hospital is still growing and succeeding in many ways! Dr. Kurucz had a chance to reflect on her time with Galloway Village Veterinary, and here is what she had to say...

Some thoughts from Dr. Kurucz

Today is your 10 year anniversary of owning GVV! What thoughts or emotions come to mind when you think of that?
"I am very thankful for all our wonderful clients that we have had over the years and how many people I have met in the community through seeing their pets. It has been a great privilege and honor. I am very grateful to have such an awesome staff that makes it really fun to go to work every day!"
What do you see as Galloway's biggest accomplishments since buying the hospital in 2011?
"The fact that we are still here in business and continuing to grow every year. We are always learning and growing and we have been able to offer such a wide variety of services. We have such a talented staff and I am very blessed to have such a great team to work with."
What excites you the most about your job?
"Working with our amazing clients and talented staff is very exciting. Having good outcomes and helping our patients manage and get through their health problems, and the relationships we build over the course of their pets' lives is very rewarding as well."
What are your goals for continuing to grow Galloway Village Veterinary?
"GVV has a lot of potential to continue to grow and to be able to serve a larger number of clients and patients. We hope to continue to add more services to better serve our patients and clients and help us to practice the most cutting-edge and excellent veterinary medicine that we can."
Final Thoughts from Dr. Kurucz?
"I certainly couldn’t have done this all by myself. A lot of people are a part of this team and it's not an accomplishment just for me. Thank you to the amazing staff who works so hard every day. Without this team, we wouldn't be able to do what we do every day, so I am very thankful! And without our clients, we wouldn't be here, so I am very grateful for them as well."

Happy Anniversary, GVV!

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